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Recording Legal Depositions and Streaming Video Testimony

Trust the legal video specialists from Dean Jones Videos, when it comes to providing high-quality video deposition services. We also offer video streaming nationwide for  unavailable experts/witnesses who need to view important Testimony, but cannot be present at  the location.

Video livingWills/Trusts accident reenactments, assemblies/disassemble, prenuptial agreements and construction defect. Vehicular and building inspections, product liability inspections.

VIDEO/TEXT SNCHRONIZATION IN ALL FORMATS.                                     

DVD and Videotape

 Video Tape Depositions

We make sure to use high-resolution equipment, as well as backdrops and lighting whenever necessary. All depositions are shot on digital tape with a back-up DVD. We also include the original and a copy of the final video testimony. Nationwide video networking.

Streaming Legal Videos

When substantial testimonies are given by experts or witnesses who may not  be available on site, come to us for streaming services. We can stream audio and video throughout the United States. This allows all involved legal parties to participate  even when they're not in the same area. 

Avoiding high cost of travel to locations.  Save time and money with streaming Live Depositions to your experts, co-counsel, clients, etc...

 Pic N Pic

Display one to four pictures on the same screen with the use of Elmo, laptops and Ipads.

Recording Document Signings

If you need recorded proof of document signings. We offer living wills video services, prenuptial agreement signings and trust signings. This will strengthen the authenticity of any legal document and decrease chances of nullification, show that He or She has a clear state of mind when he or she validated the will.